Mathematician Turned Candidate

Why would a retired University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) math professor want to enter a U.S. Senate contest against an incumbent running for reelection? I feel strongly compelled to do it since our debt problem is so serious and is largely being ignored by most of our national leaders, including Deb Fischer.

As a mathematician I have a facility with numbers and graphs. The debt chart published by the Congressional Budget Office (below), which I use over and over again when discussing the debt, is an especially clear depiction of the debt problem.

This chart makes it crystal clear to me how serious our debt problem is and I want to convey this understanding to as many other people as I can.

Furthermore I have practical political experience having served on a School Board in another state as well as on the Learning Community Coordinating Council here in the metro Omaha area.  I enjoy the political process and feel that I can work effectively with other elected officials.


Jack Heidel Bio Facts

  • Born in Cedar Rapids Iowa, 1939
  • US Navy, active duty, 1959 – 1961
  • Married to Sharon Conlon, three children
  • Graduated from the University of Iowa, BA 1963, MS 1965, PhD 1967 (Mathematics)
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN, 1967 – 1976
  • Insurance and Apartment Management, Des Moines IA, 1977 – 1984
  • University of Nebraska Omaha, Department of Mathematics, 1984-2017 (now retired)