US Senatorial Candidate Jack Heidel on Gun Control

US Senatorial Candidate Jack Heidel on Gun Control

Effective action must be taken to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, mass shootings in the United States. To accomplish this, I endorse a ban on the production and distribution of firearms classified as “assault weapons” to the general public.

Over time this will substantially reduce the number of assault weapons in general circulation and therefore make them harder to obtain by the deranged people who commit mass murders.

I also endorse universal background checks for all gun purchases from gun dealers, at trade shows, and by private parties.  The bottom line is keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, domestic abusers, and felons.

I am opposed to addressing the gun violence problem by allowing teachers to carry guns in school.  The possibility of accidents is too great.  Teachers should be able to concentrate on instruction.


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  • Thank you for taking a must needed stand.

  • Michaela says


  • Chuck Marsh says

    How about if we make mental health treatment as easy as buying guns?It is currantly easier to buy a gun than it is to get medical care for any kind of mental health issues.If you want to pass laws to fix the problem,pass laws that make sense & actually address the real problem!!!

    • jackheidel says

      Absolutely make mental health treatment easier to obtain. But there will always be mentally ill people who don’t get the treatment they need and fall trough the cracks and obtain guns they shouldn’t have. This is why we also need to restrict access to assault weapons.

  • Robert Colfack says

    I don’t own one myself but lets put the cards on the table your true objective is for gun confiscation it’s called incrementalism take a bite out of the apple one bite at a time slowly until you ate the whole apple, and you disarmed everyone except the private criminals, and the public criminals…..If you want to change or eliminate the 2nd. amendment it’s a long lengthy process to do so so good luck it’s not going to happen…We have seen what happened to free people in the past when dictators confiscate firearms and it’s nothing no one wants to live through millions of innocent people were executed …..There is a reason why our forefathers put the 2nd. amendment in our Constitution read it all and the footnotes at the bottom….Most Americans it’s ingrained in our DNA not to trust our government so no more gun laws,,,, Ban these Shotgun Joe Biden credited gun free zones put in airport type of security in our schools and stop this stupidity that has killed 100,000’s or more…How does the government find the money to do this stop funding Planned Parenthood, and the NFL that should be enough…..Have a nice day I truly hope your not elected Jack Heidel we are trying to clean the swamp…..

    • jackheidel says

      Gun rights are guaranteed by the Second Amendment and are not threatened by a ban on assault weapons.

      • Robert mcBide says

        You won’t get my vote .must be a Democrat . I’ll keep my guns over voting for corrupt politician.

      • Susan Warnke says

        I fully agree with Robert Colfack. Won’t be voting for you.

      • Craig says

        Sir – shall not be infringed. This is a right. The government cannot pare down a right. If you do, it’s no longer a right.

        This is not confusing or difficult. It does not say a right to own what the government chooses.

      • Martin says

        Jack how is government taking a gun away or banning NOT an infringement? The 2nd or the Constitution does not guarantee anything, it is the governments rule book to follow and nowhere is this power given to the government. Rights are inherent , we are born with them. The government banning or taking something necessarily means they own us. We are not subjects or slave to the state, and the government banning anything is beyond their stated powers in the Constitution Article 1 Section 8.

        • jackheidel says

          There are restrictions on all rights. We can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. We can’t carry guns onto airplanes. Banning assault weapons is constitutional as far as I can see.

          • Ann says

            Thank you Jack Heidel for expressing your policy views. You now have my vote coming up in the primaries. Good Luck!

  • Rick Otto says

    This gun control nonsense is proof the mental health epidemic is out of control.

    • jackheidel says

      Mental health treatment is very difficult. We need more of it but there will always be people who fall through the cracks. That’s why we need sensible gun control as well.

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