Why I am Entering the Race for U.S. Senate

Why I am Entering the Race for U.S. Senate

 Why I Am Entering the Race for U.S. Senate


I am so upset about our huge annual deficits and rapidly accumulating debt that I entered the 2012 Republican Primary for Nebraska’s Second Congressional District. My platform in that contest was to “Eliminate the Deficit.” Large numbers of voters agreed with me but I still lost in the Primary.

In November 2012 I began writing a blog, “It Does Not Add Up” (http://itdoesnotaddup.com) addressing the debt problem and the related problem of slow economic growth. Now five years later, in early 2018, our debt problem is worse than ever.

  • The national debt, 77% of GDP (for the public part on which we pay interest), is the highest it has been since WWII, and is predicted by the Congressional Budget Office to get steadily worse without major changes in public policy. Right now our huge debt is almost “free” money because interest rates are so low. But this will change soon as the Federal Reserve is forced to raise interest rates to head off inflation. When this happens, interest payments on the debt will skyrocket, crowding out spending for education, medical and scientific research, infrastructure and social programs, etc. all of which enhance our quality of life.

Just a few weeks ago, in December 2017, all of the Senate Republicans, including Nebraska’s Deb Fischer, voted (with the new tax law) to increase the debt by $1 trillion over the next decade. The best features of the new tax law could have been enacted without increasing the debt. It was therefore highly irresponsible to make our debt problem worse in this way.

When elected representatives ignore their most basic responsibilities to the people, they need to be challenged in the political process. This is what I am doing. And I hope you will join and support me.



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